Distributor Program
Be our partner in your region!

We have several thousands end-customers in over 60 countries around the world. We are sure that this market demand is just the top of the iceberg. We plan to distribute our unique product worldwide and we would like to provide localised service to our future end-customers, so we are looking for professional distributors mainly in jewelry and watch industry.

We are happy to satisfy volume orders. If you would like to be our distributor in your country or in a specific region please ask for contract brief with prices and terms and conditions. Frequent issue is the exclusivity: we are open to negotiate about exclusivity on specified geographical regions, but please consider that we have ambitous plans ((in respect of volume and related activities).

We are also providing marketing and sales tools to our distributors like video, website, stock photos and POS materials. We are happy to give further information on what you might need.

If you are interested to distribute our unique Ring Clock, please feel free to contact us:
sales@ringclock.net - Balazs Stemler (CSO)